Athens is the capital of Greece. Athens is Greece's largest city and its administrative, economic, and cultural center. Athens is always in season with comfortable climate conditions for travelling and sightseeing.

In Summer you can enjoy numerous of unique activities like outdoor cinemas, performances in ancient theatres as well as up-to-date concerts and dancing clubs. Autumn means mild conditions slightly cooler than summer, giving travellers the opportunity to move more comfortably during the day.

Athens in winter is one of the most exciting capitals in Europe:
Cozy outdoor gatherings at cafes during the day, all night long parties at clubs with local and international music, warm weekend escapes at nearby mountain resorts. Spring brings in Athens a unique romantic colored atmosphere with warm temperatures filling the air with inspiration for adventure and love.

Athens experiences a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with extremely long periods of sunshine throughout the year and with the greatest amounts of precipitation mainly occurring from mid-October to mid-April; any precipitation is sparse during summer and it generally takes the form of showers and/or thunderstorms. Due to its location in a rain shadow because of Mount Parnitha the Athenian climate is much drier compared to most of the rest of Mediterranean Europe. The mountainous northern suburbs, for their part, experience a somewhat differentiated climatic pattern, with generally lower temperatures. Fog is highly unusual in the city centre but it is more frequent to the east, behind the Hymettus mountain range.

Street signs are posted in both Greek and Latin (English alphabet) script, and tourist maps are published using the Latin script. However, shops and restaurants, especially those less frequented by tourists, may have signs in Greek only.

The capital’s chic designer boutiques line the streets of Kolonaki, with shoe emporia and high street chains on Ermou and Patission. The bargain market areas are Monastiraki, Psiri and Thissio. However, some suburbs have recently made challenging bids to the centre’s fashion monopoly, and leafy Kifissia in the north hosts a wealth of upmarket designer boutiques and elegant shopping malls filled with expensive imports. In the south, Glyfada boasts a Miami-style coastal boulevard containing branches of most of the centre’s clothing, shoe, accessory, home decoration and beauty stores.

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